Netsuite Setup

Knights of the Net has been involved in all aspects of Netsuite setup since 2001. Specialities include include integrating business processes with partners such as 3PLs and helping business convert spreadsheet based business processes (often "owned" and only really understood by one key employee) to scalable, transparent processes managed completely within Netsuite.

Web Sites

One of Netsuite's features is rapid eCommerce setup. This has been a great success but business often needs features that the out-of-the-box websites don't have. Knights of the Net has innovated countless solutions on Netsuite websites. Such things as product configurators, custom searches, dense matrix display and faceted search have all been pioneered by KotN. Check out the case studies for more examples.


Fantail allows precise control over the html of your Netsuite website through integration with Linked In's state-of-the-art dust.js framework Fantail gives you complete control over all aspects of the pages you present on your Netsuite site. Its included templates are responsive by default through the inclusion of Twitter Bootstrap. See how you can deploy a modern, responsive, html5 based Netsuite website.